Let’s talk about Yik Yak

It’s less than two years old but yet it’s already worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  Most people know it as Yik Yak, but I like to call it the trashier version of Twitter.  Let me back up that statement.  Yik Yak has the same scrolling timeline concept as Twitter, but it’s quite a different atmosphere.  The posts are voted up or down, and with enough down votes, a post can be removed from the timeline.  But that sure doesn’t weed out the obnoxious posts where every other word is profanity.  Maybe I should call it the drunker version of Twitter.  I’m a big girl.  I don’t mind the occasional explicit post, but when it’s EVERY SINGLE POST, it can get exhausting to read.  On Twitter I usually enjoy reading my friends’ posts and sometimes even read a couple of interesting articles.  But scrolling through Yik Yak is just one big eye roll for me.  Maybe I’m looking at it at the wrong time, but whenever I open the app, it feels like a way to waste time.  I don’t think I really get anything out of Yik Yak.

Let me suggest the reason for such low quality.  It’s anonymous!  When people can hide behind a screen, they suddenly feel the need to say anything and everything.  There are no consequences.  Not many people will post something that’s offensive and full of profanity if it has to appear beside their name.  But take away the identity, and all bets are off.  The anonymity factor has always been a partial reason for the low quality of anything…whether it be comments on a news website or a bomb threat (remember that controversy on Yik Yak last semester?).  Now I’m not saying Yik Yak should get rid of anonymity because then it’d be the same as Twitter.  But I am saying that we can’t expect to get too much out of this particular social site.

Sound a little harsh? Sorry not sorry.


One thought on “Let’s talk about Yik Yak

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