I’m not buying it

A couple of days ago our JOMC 240 class had a pretty lengthy discussion about Facebook.  Apparently most people think the site is dying out among our generation…or that we’re growing out of it.  Honestly I was surprised, especially since some people admitted they still scroll through their newsfeed several times a day.

So I’m saying here what I didn’t get a chance to say in class.  I’m not buying this whole “dying out” thing.

I think there is a difference between posting on a site and accessing the site.  In my book, accessing it still counts as usage.  I agree that users are posting less content on Facebook–I’m guilty of this myself.  The award for posting definitely goes to Instagram.  But people are still ON Facebook.  You don’t have to post something to use the social network.  How can you say you’re growing out of it when you still scroll through it every day?  There is always something new to look at on the site (evidently someone out there is still posting).

Let me make a few points:

1. It’s strange for someone not to have a profile on the site.  2. People are still signing up. 3. People communicate frequently via Messenger or Facebook groups. 4. You can’t go one day without seeing a “like us on Facebook” ad.

Facebook will die out one of these days.  As older people are signing up, it becomes less and less relevant to younger generations.  And yeah, it’ll probably just become a virtual address book.

But is it happening now as we speak? Nah, I don’t think so.


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