Could we do it?

Here’s a thought: what would happen if the technology surrounding the Internet and social media was taken away?  Could the world still function or would we be faced with the collapse of a society?

What if we couldn’t send emails anymore or go to Google for information?  What if we didn’t have the endless choices of television shows, movies and news networks?

We’d be SOL, right?  Or maybe not.

I think society would definitely slow down to a snail’s pace, and we’d all need a bigger attitude adjustment than an angsty 13-year-old.  But collapse? No, we’ve lived without technology before.

Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad either.  Instead of posting pictures to Instagram, maybe we’d take the time to actually live in the moment.  Maybe instead of scrolling through our phones at the bus stop, we’d take in a Carolina blue sky.  Sure, everything would be slower, but it wouldn’t be such a big deal if everyone was moving at the same pace.  Maybe there’d be time to sit on the porch to relax after a day’s work.

The downsides?  Information wouldn’t be so widespread and accessible anymore.  Global communication would slow down, and we’d have to accept the fact that we won’t know what’s happening in the world until at least the next day.  And to be honest, the thought of being a journalist without the Internet scares me a little.

So yes, we could absolutely go back.  Humans are known for adapting to new environments. We would lose some things but also gain some things back. 


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