A supermodel’s true beauty

The other night I came across an untouched photo of Cindy Crawford that was leaked from a shoot a few years ago.  It wasn’t supposed to be released, but now that it has been, it’s beginning to go viral thanks to social media.

When I saw that her legs and stomach weren’t airbrushed–that she looked like, I don’t know, a normal person–I almost dreaded seeing the comments.  People can be extremely cruel.  But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the positive comments that flooded the site where I saw the picture.   All of the comments I read were in support of Cindy, saying how fantastic she looked.  Of course I agree.  This woman is almost 50 years old and has had two kids. Boy do I hope I look like that when I’m 50. 


But seeing those comments got me thinking.  It’s great to see people rallying around the concept of non-airbrushed images.  Maybe that means people are starting to prefer seeing real images.  Let’s take it a step further though.  There is so much more to be done.  Thanks to social media users, this image has now made its way across the globe.  But that’s not enough.  It’s one thing for people to rally around the photo, but it’s another to see the subject of the photo fully embrace it.  Come on, Cindy.  I want to hear you say, “Yep, that’s the real me.  I’m healthy, happy and beautiful.”  Or maybe even say, “Hey, fashion industry! No more airbrushing my photos.”  Having a role model stand up to say that makes such a difference.  I know from personal experience that seeing successful women comfortable in their own skin is very encouraging.  Other celebrities have already taken the first step.  Cindy Crawford really needs to capitalize on the leak of this photo and take a stand for real bodies and real beauty.


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