Emails, emails…and more emails

“What’s your email address?”

I hear this question all the time, and since I work in retail, I also ask this question all the time.  Email is something we take for granted now.  I’m always a little surprised when someone tells me he/she doesn’t have an email (although the person is probably lying to avoid giving it to me).  If you go to school or have a job, chances are you need one to stay in touch. 

But what happens when everyone has your email, and everyone is sending them to your account?  You might get those emails on-the-go with your iPhone, but there is no possible way to read 200 emails every day.  We just don’t have the time anymore.  You wouldn’t even want to read that many while sitting at home.  Honestly, when emails start inundating your inbox, they start to lose effectiveness.  From a retail standpoint, I get several store emails a day, but all I do is blindly delete them.  It’s just an overload of information that I don’t want to take the time to look at.

Emails are a type of mass media that have been around for a while.  They are still relevant today, but with more and more filling our inboxes, I think they’ll become less and less relevant.  Even now I only check one email, and that’s mostly for school purposes.  When people are experiencing information overload, they tend to just shut down.  Eventually that could mean shutting down email.  It’s the curse of the 21st century.


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