So what if Buzzfeed knows my life?

Thanks to Dan Barker, we now know Buzzfeed records and keeps all of the answers we give when we take fun quizzes on the site.  I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s A LOT of quiz answers.  Sometimes the boredom is just too real.  But should I be concerned that Buzzfeed has a computer jargon record of me?  Maybe, but to be honest, I’m not.

Here’s why: the majority of the quizzes on the site are silly and fun.  All they ask is which color you prefer or which movie you’d rather watch.  These are the answers I would be willing to tell a perfect stranger on a date.  I don’t mind if everyone knows these things.  (For the record, my answers would be pink and The Great Gatsby.)


Now, about the more intrusive information that Barker mentioned.  “I am white.” “I am heterosexual.” “I feel comfortable in the gender I was born as.”  There is no doubt that this is incredibly personal information.  But for some reason, I’m still not too worried about it.  I honestly don’t mind if Buzzfeed execs technically know this stuff about me.  I view it as a part of me, and many people already know the answers anyways.  Also, I would think that if people had information they really wanted to keep private, then they wouldn’t give it up to Buzzfeed–assumption of privacy or not. 

Maybe it’s where I’m used to the age of social media and the blurred lines of privacy it creates.  Maybe I should be more worried than I am.  But until I hear of someone abusing this record of information, I’ll keep taking my quizzes.


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