An ode to Twitter

Ah, Twitter.  Capable of so much good, so much bad…and so much blissful stupidity. 

But honestly, the diversity is what I love about it.  When I feel serious and need information, that’s no problem because I can look at the NY Times posts on my feed.  When I feel curious, I enjoy scrolling through my friends’ comments and seeing what they’re up to.  If I want to further a cause, I just join in the millions with a hashtag. 

And admittedly, sometimes I get on Twitter because I just need to unwind.  In the midst of a stressful day or a boring bus ride, it’s nice to take a step out of reality and take a step into social media.  Sometimes I just want to be entertained and have a good laugh.  Need an example?  Yesterday I was unplugged from Twitter for a few hours, and what do I see on my timeline when I get back?  Two things: the infamous blue/black/white/gold/whatever color it is dress and llamas.


The dress dilemma turned out to cause more stress for me, but llamas? I found myself thinking where else would something like that go viral besides on social media?  It’s completely stupid, but runaway llamas easily became my favorite story of the day.  Judge me if you like.  Tell me I should pay attention to more serious things.  But you know what?  My life has enough stress in it, so sometimes I need a stupid laugh.

And if it’s gotta be llamas to give me that laugh, then it’s gonna be llamas.



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