Too good to be true

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece about Cindy Crawford’s untouched photo that went viral a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, it all turned out to be a fake.

Apparently someone got hold of the photo and tweaked it to make her stomach look less than muscular and her legs to have the forbidden cellulite.  Two lies are at play here: the photo was not untouched, and the photo is not even really Cindy’s body.

I was disappointed to hear about this, mostly because of all the good the photo could’ve done.  There are only a handful of celebrities who have actively stood up against Photoshop.  If Cindy Crawford, a world-famous legend of a supermodel, could have an untouched picture released and then fully embraced her true body in the public eye, think of all the women this would’ve inspired. It takes courage to show your stretch marks and cellulite to the world, and unfortunately it’s still considered a sin to have either of those.

Ultimately, what has this fake done? More harm than good, I would argue. Now most people will go back to looking at Cindy and other supermodels as they always have: unattainable goals of beauty.  Cindy Crawford is so perfect that someone actually had to Photoshop cellulite onto her body to bring her down to the level of us mere mortals.  I don’t know about you, but that kind of makes me feel worse about myself.  How could we ever measure up to that? Also, there is no longer the potential for a new role model for girls (and boys) out there struggling with body image. We’ve really lost out on a good influence here, although I think Cindy Crawford should still take a stand against Photoshop and the subsequent body shaming.

So to the person who doctored the photo: what have you accomplished? You’ve made a mockery out of yourself and out of millions of perfectly normal women.


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