Analyzing my tweets

After Sarah’s presentation today in class, I decided to see what all the fuss is about and try out Analyze Words.

Here are my results:

Analyze Words

Overall I think it was pretty accurate.  My emotional style is usually upbeat because I have a tendency to put my best foot forward on social media.  I wouldn’t want my tweets to be all negative.  That’s the type of account I wouldn’t care to follow myself.  That being said, many of my tweets were categorized as worried and depressed.  I know I use Twitter once in a while to rant about something or put in my two cents on current events.  But depressed?  I never viewed my tweets like that.  A little harsh don’t you think, Analyze Words?

As for my social style, I was glad to see my tweets categorized as plugged in and personable.  Since I’m hoping to soon be using my account as a professional journalist, those are two categories I think are important.  If my readers look at my tweets, I would hope they’d see my thoughts as in-the-know and relatable.  It’s a way to connect with readers on a more personal level.  I was glad to see my thinking style as analytic and sensory for the same reasons.  I would hope my tweets could add some sort of insight to a situation, even if I am just ranting.  Honestly, I would have expected more in-the-moment tweets since that’s when I have the most to say.  My tweets aren’t usually planned.  I tweet when experiences or moments inspire me to say something.

I’ve got to say this site is pretty cool.  There were a couple of questions I had about the analysis, but I think the most helpful aspect of it is that it gets you thinking about what you write.  It’s an easy way to get some outside feedback on your account.


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